7 Tips for Attracting Trade Show Attendees

By Angie Bess, Account Executive / 07.12.2017

Everyone wants to be the buzzy booth on the trade show floor – the fun booth with the cool swag or awesome build out. But not all booths or booth experiences are created equal and it can be hard to generate that kind of buzz in the clamor of the trade show floor. You first need to get people to and in your booth before they can tote your swag about the expo center. There are few tried and true ways for doing it right.

1. Send Pre-Event Invite With Exclusive Offers
Let people know what booth # you are and where you will be located. You can also offer a small gift to be redeemed at the booth when they attend. Make sure the gift is useful for your audience!

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2. Large Vertical Presence
Let people know where you are when they arrive to the expo center by creating branding opportunities at higher elevations. Different expo centers and conferences have different rules for this, but there are smart ways to get your brand presence more vertical.

3. Light it Up
This trick is a cousin of the vertical presence. Very rarely do trade show booths have great lighting. To stand out, create a vibrant and bright presence in your booth by adding strategic lighting and directional sound.

4. Foods and Booze
Sitting in general sessions and breakouts can really work up a person’s appetite. Offering attendees small fare, soft and adult beverages can be a simple trick to get people in and interacting.

5. Host an Industry Expert or Celebrity
If you have an industry expert, high ranking executive or entertainment celebrity in your booth that can draw a crowd of their own (at a reasonable price), the fans will come flocking to your space. Make sure you promote the celebrity attendance pre-and during event through email and social.

6. Gamification
Host a fun game in your booth where attendees can compete against one another and top scorers are given prizes to take home. This is a fun way to get people to interact with your brand in low-pressure situations.

7. Photo Op Fun
People love commemorating memorable experiences. Help attendees make and take memories home with them by creating fun and interesting photo opportunities like a photo booth with props or green screen.

Remember, getting attendees in your booth is half the battle, make sure you have a good lead capture and engagement strategy so that you can form relationships and follow up!

We have over 100+ years of trade show experience in the building and know how to create engaging experiences for your audience. We are supported by a deep bench of talent and resources that includes creative and multimedia services as well as over 100,000 sq. ft. of our own event technology, fabrication space and equipment. Contact us to talk about your next trade show experience!

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