A-OK or DOA? FAQs about Journey ETA

By Angie Bess / 09.06.2017

Standing for “Engagement for Trade Show Activation”, Journey ETA is ITC’s new trade show rental program, providing high-quality trade show rental exhibits with all of the options and capabilities of custom exhibits.

Is it for you? Why should you care? We decided to have some tough talk with our newest branded resource, assembling some hard-hitting FAQs to kick the tires—so you don’t have to.

Q: How can you provide high-quality, rental trade show exhibits that are also very cost effective?

A: The secret is our modular design system. It’s flexible enough to produce tailor-made booths that fit very specific client specs, without the need to build something new from the ground up.

Q: But I don’t want a booth that looks like everyone else’s! How can it be just as good as an owned property?

A: It’s all about the skill and artistry we apply to the modular system. We’re like a kid who’s really really good with Legos. The results are indistinguishable from an owned property—but ours you only have to rent.

Q: When is a rental exhibit right for me?

A: There are key reasons to rent vs. purchase:

• Overlap—a temporary, high volume of shows occurring at the same time, overwhelming the number of owned properties
• Inexperience—first timers testing the waters before making a full investment, or moving up to a larger format
• Money—lack of capital to make a purchase
• Flexibility—option to change up a format year-to-year for an annual show

Q: What if I’m not a big company with a large budget? Can I still afford a high quality trade show booth rental?

A: Yes! We have rental options to fit every budget starting at $1500.

Q: I’m not so interested in trade shows, but I would like to appear at an upcoming festival/pop-up/disrupt/whatever. Can you help me?

A: Absolutely. The category name may change, but our booth structures work in any context where one-on-one human interaction is essential for success.

Q: I’d like to be represented at an upcoming trade show, but I have zero knowledge or experience with any rules, regulation or best practices. Can I still benefit from Journey ETA?

A: You can! Part of the service we provide is the knowledge and expertise of our experienced staff. We can guide you through the trade show process every step of the way.

Q: I’m interested in Journey ETA, but I have no idea what I really want or need for a tradeshow booth. Is your program still for me?

A: Absolutely. The first step of our process is a sit-down meeting where we assess your needs, goals and resources. Only then do we start considering the design process, using immersive 3D models to show you options before any assembly is initiated.

Still have questions? Learn more about Journey ETA by visiting our page, then, contact us to start a conversation!

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