An Epic Fail

By Bryan Whitson, Sr. Content Manager / 03.17.2017

If you do not prepare, prepare to fail.

HBO and Game of Thrones did just that when they launched a Facebook Live event to reveal the start date of the highly-anticipated Season 7.

When the Game of Thrones marketing team decided to encase the premiere date in a block of ice, only to be revealed by fire-wielding flamethrowers triggered by fan comments in the comment section, they didn’t consider (or maybe figure out) ….how long it would take to melt the ice.

Fans poured into the comments section, watching to see the big reveal…. And they were left waiting. After a few hours and a couple broken feeds, the premiere date was revealed in the most anticlimactic way possible with a simple tweet that confirmed the date.

Steps to Take for a Successful Execution

When you’re an experienced professional in live production, you understand how easily this could’ve been avoided. Take these steps to prevent this from happening to your live event:

1. Test your concept and the hypotheses you’ve made during planning
2. Adjust based on learnings found during the testing phase
3. Soft launch your concept to a smaller audience to gauge reaction and sentiment
4. Make final tweaks and adjustments
5. Go Live

The worst faux pas is how easily this could’ve been avoided. The GOT team should’ve tested the concept, knowing exactly how long it would take for the ice to melt. Instead they got caught with their swords sheathed in a field of White Walkers.

Let’s make sure this doesn’t happen to your brand when you’re live broadcasting.

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