App Chat: 10 of Our Favorite Event and Travel Apps

By Kayla Yettke, Production Associate / 05.31.2017

“There’s an app for that”, we’ve all heard it and somehow are still amazed by the things there are apps for. As event managers, we love that there are so many apps! Apps help keep us organized, prepared and can be the key to creating successful events from pre to post production. We wanted to share a few tips about our favorite event and travel related apps.


    1. Scanner Pro

    What it is: Digital scanner

    Why we love it: When you’re dealing with events, the details and documents can stack up quickly – schedules, scripts, contracts, receipts and more. Scanner Pro lets you quickly scan, save, send, or even convert important documents to other file formats without trying to hunt down the scanner or find space for the bulky equipment. It’s fast, efficient and helps keep team members and work stations organized.

    2. Evernote

    What it is: Cross-platform note taking app

    Why we love it: This one’s a sleeper because you do not expect Evernote to have all these functions! You can organize items into various notebooks, whether that’s by event, month, week or what have you. You can create and share documents, collaborate and send e-mails, images or scans straight to the app to keep everything in one place. No more having to search three different places to find what you need.

    3. Dropbox

    What it is: Cloud file sharing system

    Why we love it: It’s very rare that everyone is in one place at one time during an event. Dropbox allows for easy file sharing for any and all updates. Increased communication leads to a more successful event and happy clients! The best part – it’s free and easy to use.

    4. Spotify

    What it is: Music streaming

    Why we love it: This one is a simple app but integral for all events. Music plays a big role in the attendee experience from setting the overall tone to keeping guests energized during breaks. Spotify lets us create custom playlists to match any event type, energy level or mood.

    5. The Weather Channel

    What it is: Weather tracking

    Why we love it: Another very simple and straightforward app that can make a huge difference. Every event manager should have a reliable weather app! We cannot stress this enough. Weather tracking reliability allows for timely changes to events to avoid weather catastrophes and unhappy guests. If you’re an attendee, it could help you remember to bring a coat.


    1. GateGuru

    What it is: Flight tracking and airport navigation

    Why we love it: It’s an all in one airport app! It allows you to track your flight – no matter what airline you’re flying – receive real time updates of gate changes or flight delays, rent a car through Avis and map out amenities around the airport. The app will quickly let you know where the nearest Starbucks is in relation to your gate, which is pretty much a necessity for those early morning flights.

    2. Award Wallet

    What it is: Rewards tracker

    Why we love it: If you’re like us, you have rewards accounts with multiple airlines and hotels. It’s just part of event life. It can become tedious to check so many different accounts to keep track of points and rewards. Award wallet is a hub for you to easily check all of your reward accounts in one place with one login.

    3. WiFi Finder + Map

    What it is: Wi-Fi locator

    Why we love it: The struggle for good Wi-Fi on the road is a constant. There are times when you can’t check into the hotel yet, you don’t have a hot spot and you need to e-mail the client something very important. This app lets you find the closest Wi-Fi so you can set up and get some business done.

    4. Uber/Lyft

    What it is: Ride hailing

    Why we love it: New cities are lots of fun – but you also don’t know your way around or even have a car sometimes. Uber/Lyft lets you call a local driver to get you from point A to point B quickly, easily and affordably.

    5. Google Translate

    What it is: Language Translation

    Why we love it: Not only does this app let you type in sentences and translate them into over 100 different languages, but it requires no internet to do this AND it can translate images in 30 languages! If you travel and produce shows internationally, this is a must! Trying to read street signs in South Africa? No problem, just snap a picture and easily navigate yourself to the hotel or convention center.

    As frustrating as technology can be, it makes our everyday lives so much easier. Being an event professional, I’m always looking for efficiencies, organization hacks and communication tools to help make our event as impactful and memorable (in all the good ways) for attendees as possible. These apps, while some good for general use, can be of very specific and of critical importance to your event. So check them out, start making them part of your conference and meeting habit and enjoy your experience!

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