Set the Stage for Success

By Jennifer Knapp, Account Executive / 02.07.2017

“Look at that pretty black curtain on the stage”…said no one ever!

As meeting and convention planners, we have to start getting away from shrouding the stage in black velour, two screens on either side and a lectern awkwardly positioned off to the side. It’s plain, old, and plain old played out. You have to give attendees something different, otherwise you risk losing their interest. It’s time to move beyond the black curtain.

Simple enhancements at low cost can make all the difference to your audience and help drive emotional engagement.

Here are just a few items to think about:
• Rental Panels
• Textured Screens
• Multi-colored drape
• Theatre quality lighting
• Dynamic Stage Entrances
• Stage Branding

We are constantly reinventing ways to use our own materials in new and exciting ways for our clients. We have an extensive collection of scenic rental assets for all types of events. Contact us if you need new and fresh ideas for your scenic and staging.

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