Talking Tech: Breaking Out the Breakout Gear

By Dave Boser, VP, Technical Operations / 04.12.2017

Breaking out into smaller groups after a larger general session is ideal for companies trying to disseminate nuanced information. The challenge is having enough technical gear to cover these additional meetings.

At most conferences, there is a traditional drop in production quality for these deeper dive sessions. When we produce a conference, the experience between general session and breakouts must be consistent, which is why we invest in the latest portable audio and video systems designed for smaller format to maintain the richness of A/V production between presentations.

For these types of sessions, we pull from our vast existing inventory of small format A/V gear:

• JBL Eon 612 Powered Speakers
• Shure QLXD Wireless Lavalier/Handheld Mic Combo
• Soundcraft Audio Mixers

In concert with the high-end wireless mics and audio mixers, the JBL EON monitors emit studio sound quality encased in a lightweight PA box, providing an unparalleled combination of power, portability and production in one, making this the perfect audio package for breakouts of most sizes.

• Christie LWU701i-D – 7,000 lumen, WUXGA projectors, with 3G-SDI technology
• Epson PowerLite 1284 –3,200 Lumen, WUXGA Projectors
• Barco PDS-902 3G Presentation Switchers
• Da-Lite Picture King 16:9 HD Projection Screens
• AV Stumpfl Monoblox 64 16:9 HD Projection Screen Kits

Using the latest video systems allow us to deliver the sharpest imagery for our client’s content delivery. Our projectors support full 1080p content and feature 3-LCD technology to ensure vivid color reproduction. We also use the latest industry-standard connectivity to ensure support for ‘Bring-Your-Own-Device’ (BYOD). Front and rear capable projection surfaces and interchangeable lenses allow for more flexibility in projector placement and audience arrangements. All together these cutting-edge visual packages deliver movie theater quality definition in a compact and portable casing.

We have enough gear in our inventory to run up to 40 breakouts simultaneously, contact us if you want to talk about the your breakout session needs!

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