Experiencing Brand Plans in 3D

By ITC, Senior Account Director / 12.13.2016

When you’re planning a traditional meeting or event, consider adding an immersive, experiential component to enhance the audience experience and deepen engagement. This additional layer is what we call, “Immersion.” An Immersion area is a dedicated space that allows your audience to engage deeper with your brand or message through sensory experiences.

The Immersion area doesn’t even have to be Immense. We’ve developed a simple, scalable model for how to integrate an Immersion component with your event.

Tier 1

In Tier 1, your audience hears the plan and message then gets to see it and experience it. Simple graphics, visuals and interactive opportunities are installed in a dedicated space where visitors can read and look at sales and marketing materials first-hand.

Tier 2

Tier 2 builds on the first tier by tapping into the consumer mindset. Tier 2 activates a business initiative by creating a physical, immersive environment that attendees can walk into, mimicking experiences a consumer would have with your brand, service or message.

Tier 3
Building on tier 2, Tier 3 has multiple brands and products activated in a dedicated space, creating full-scale, dimensional branded environments complete with trained brand ambassadors, product demos and sampling.

While every stage of Immersion is an effective method for increasing engagement at your meeting, we work intimately with the brand and product teams to understand their motivations, objectives and target audience, then apply an immersion strategy that delivers on those goals.

Talk to us about how to add an Immersion element to your next event!

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