The Case for Custom Crates

By Sam Hanna, Head of Production, Operations / 06.21.2017

When it comes to transporting your event assets and property, it’s make or break. Storing and transporting event assets is one of the most important steps in the production process – it is the phase that can literally make or break your experience.

Every project, event and activation is unique. From concept to execution, the project can grow tails and take many paths (and in certain cases, many stops) along the journey, making it a singular experience every time. To ensure the sanctity, safety and singularity of the experience, we build custom crates for storage and transportation. Allow me to explain…

“No More Trade Show Trauma”

It happens far too often. Your trade show booth is loading out onsite a day before the show when you realize that an entire wall looks like a wrecking ball plowed through it. This happens when shortcuts are taken instead of the proper precautions.

“There are no shortcuts to quality”

We know that every activation and project is unique. Take a trade show booth for example. No two designs or experiences are the same. If your assets are damaged, there is no replacement. We build custom crates specifically designed and engineered to the exact specifications of your property, because when it comes to ensuring the safety of your event assets, the custom crate is by far the most reliable. Yes, it takes more time and care, but there are no shortcuts to quality.

“Crates that Fit Your Property Like a Glove”

We care deeply about what comes out of the box, which is why we put a great deal of thought into what goes in it. Every crate is designed and built by hand in our shop. Soft cushioning, intentionally placed cedar support beams shaped specifically for your booth assets and felt line the inside of the plywood-cased cabinet. Designing and engineering crates to exact specs mitigates mobility of your assets once on the truck and smooths friction during transportation. Even slight movements of materials can be the difference between a clean and swift transition or a trade show booth wall that looks like a cutting board. The results save you more than peace of mind in the long run.

“Quality Can Come at a Cost”

If you have a lot of assets and property for a project, the line item cost for custom crating can be a healthy chunk of your budget. However, with over 100+ years of exhibit, trade show and event experience in the building, we know that the cost is a small price to pay for your property to arrive as immaculate as it looked in our production shop. The good news, once one crate is built, it will travel as long as your asset, they are pretty well built for life.

Concluding the Custom Crate Argument

There are more cost-effective solutions for transporting your property, but nothing is more reliable or safer than custom crates. We could wrap it in plastic, fabric and place it on a skid, or put soft materials within a crate in between items, but unfortunately those solutions also introduce a lot of risk during transportation.

Once these trade show and event assets are designed and built, the last thing you want is for your baby to get damaged before it has the chance to see the light of day. From concept to activation, you have to respect and protect the vision through each step of production. That’s why we build custom crates.

Watch us in action as we take down and pack this trade show asset for transportation and contact us to learn more about our trade show and event process!

Tear Down Time Lapse from ITC on Vimeo.

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