Delivering Key Messages Using Dynamic Stagecraft

By Jennifer Knapp, Account Executive / 09.21.2016

We see a lot of companies fall short of making a full impact during their annual meetings. Leaders of have critical messages, but they don’t resonate with the audience. Presenting key information to colleagues can be engaging and effective by pairing a strong theme with dynamic stagecraft.

Using our friends at Stifel as an example, we helped create the theme and meeting concept “Stifel Night Live,” riffing off the popular TV program “Saturday Night Live.” Through a series of skits and vignettes, members of leadership presented performance updates from the year in a light-hearted atmosphere, which helped drive deeper audience engagement.

Here are a few specific examples from the experience:

• Spoofing “Deep Thoughts” allowed for a slower, more reflective segment, helping focus the audience on ways to improve their own performance while being lead through group meditation.

• The “Wayne’s World” remix helped transport the audience back in time, before Stifel’s website had iPad and iPhone app support, highlighting how significant their investment has been in new technologies to improve client service.

• “Stifel Nightly Update” used a broadcast format and satire to break down global market trends, illustrating complex correlations between foreign and domestic markets in a digestible way.

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