The Show Goes On: Using Facebook Live at Events

By Bryan Whitson, Sr. Content Manager / 11.02.2016

There is no question that live streaming is a game changer. Facebook Live in particular, is bringing real-time social broadcasts to a larger audience. While the concept of streaming events is not new, the tactics and approach are, and it’s already changing how we consume events and experiences.

The benefit of streaming has always been extending the reach of your live event to a larger audience, but now you can have a remote, live audience that feels more embedded in the event. Unlike typical streamed content, which is more rehearsed and polished – like a television broadcast – these live streams generally feel spontaneous and grittier. The user-generated look and feel can make them more authentic and inviting for the viewer.

Now, before everyone goes removing 4K camera records from the budget, there are some things to consider:

1. This is a complementary technology…for now

With its inherently mobile functionality and more authentic nature, it can serve as a behind the scenes complement to your show or event, rather than a replacement of it. For innovations like Facebook Live, marketers should understand what purpose the technology is serving and what perspective to best record the event from beyond the traditional event capture to give their audience a richer, more complete and connected experience.

2. Up the production level of your feed while maintaining authenticity

Originally Facebook Live was only accessible through the Facebook app on a smartphone, meaning the video quality was poor. Not so anymore! Facebook launched an API in April that allows for more flexibility, so that you are not limited by your phone’s recording capabilities. We are STARTING to see an elevation in the production of Facebook live broadcasts with the ability to use any camera as well as third party software and services to broadcast. That being said, it’s worth keeping an eye on or partnering with a company that understands the technology to bring that level of production to your Facebook Live feed (Ahem, Ahem!)


3. Remote Interaction in Real-Time

We’ve partnered with a few brands that have explored Facebook Live. What they’ve noticed is that not only does it expand the reach of their event, but it is an additional touchpoint to enhance the experience. Since the recording is broadcasted live on social, the remote audience can engage with the brand in real-time, even though they aren’t physically present. It’s a pretty wild and exciting time to work in live events as these social broadcast capabilities expand to bring live experiences to real-time virtual audiences.

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