Gone Camping: InstructureCon 2016

By Brendan Corcoran, Executive Director of Business Development / 08.30.2016

We helped Canvas create a whimsical world that reflected the conference theme and supported deeper connections with the Canvas product.

To really bring the Camp Canvas vision to life, there were three major production pieces that were paramount to pulling off this experience.

Transform Keystone into Camp

For the experience to be effective, attendees needed to be immersed in the world of Camp Canvas. Wherever we could, we took the Canvas Creative team’s design vision and gave it dimension – building 3D spaces from the inspiration we took from their graphic treatment. We made sure that adventure could be found around every corner.


Panda Floating 101

The panda is a large part of InstructureCon lore. This year, they wanted something decidedly different for their mascot. Floating an oversized, inflatable panda on a lake is no easy task, so we put our best engineers on the job who prepared for a few weeks building up to the event. By the time we arrived on site, we were ready to go and so was the panda.


Singing and Dancing In the Rain

Headlining the three-day conference were two full, outdoor concerts. We learned that mountain views can be accompanied with mountain weather. For both concerts we experienced sun, wind, rain and even hail. But when you’re “camping,” you have to prepare for anything! We were able to set up and execute both concerts without a hitch. Plus, a little bit of weather didn’t stop attendees from singing and dancing along with the bands.


Learn more about Camp Canvas at this year’s InstructureCon by viewing our case study.

For more information about this experience, view our case study then talk to us about your next event.

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