Let’s Create Something Awesome: Production Studio

By Bryan Whitson, Creative Services Manager / 04.16.2018

SPOILER ALERT!!!! The fantastical worlds that directors and photographers create, are often times not shot on location. These meticulous and magical scenes are regularly created in a large production studio.

Production Studio

Studios are where imagination becomes reality. More importantly, through these imaginative productions, critical messages are communicated to an audience to move them or make them feel. For brands, visual and video communication is increasingly key.

Often, brands and agencies don’t need a grand production studio to make a quality piece that has impact, emotion and relevance. When you have a good idea, a functional space and experienced people, that can be all you need. When you do need more, we can help.

Audio Suite Studio

We understand how important communication is, which is why we have a space to create it. Our production studio has plenty of space (and equipment) to let your imagination run wild.

The rentable space includes:

Beyond just the space and specs, we have the support of a complete production house. Whether our clients need cameras and lighting packages, fabrication and scenic, furniture and prop inventory or an experienced production staff of shooters, editors, designers and 3D animators, we have it covered.

Production Studio

If you have a commercial need for studio space for your video or photographic production, contact us to schedule a time to talk about our space and capabilities!

Studio One Sheet

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