Moving from High-Tech to High-Touch Gamification

By Jennifer Knapp / 08.17.2017

Sometimes adding a little competition can lift the energy of an entire conference.

We’ve all heard about social media contests, event app interactivity, live audience polling and other tactics to get audiences engaged. But what’s really tricky is pulling people out of their mobile devices, getting them to engage with your brand and connecting with each other in the real-world. Sometimes taking a look back is a step forward, moving from high-tech to high-touch gaming.

It’s human nature to want to compete, achieve, overcome challenges and seek reward. That’s why gamification has become such a popular trend in the events industry for engaging attendees.

Using live games like Family Feud, Music Trivia and Jeopardy are great analogue ways to gamify your conference, allowing much needed breaks in between show segments or delivering content in richer ways. Designate your favorite CEO or National Leader as the emcee for these games—the crowd will go crazy and never forget it!

Giant Jenga and other oversized games are also great for the halls of the conference center and hotel areas to keep your attendees’ energy level high, as well as give them an opportunity to connect with one another in less formal settings.

While technology will continue to play a large role in events and gaming, it’s important that we not move so far away from physical reality and appeal to the human nature of engagement by stimulating multiple senses with high-touch games.

Ask us about our rental Family Feud set, complete with buzzers and props, or check out our music trivia program for an easy, ready-to-play game night full of entertainment for your audience!

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