Nothing Can Replace Face to Face

By Angie Bess / 08.25.2017

I can remember when the internet first became mainstream in the business world, before it was commonplace to have home computers, much less hand computers. I remember many serious discussions about how all the new technology was going to impact trade shows, “one day this will all be virtual!” People were forecasting a Armageddon for the entire industry as we know it.

Fast forward to today, we have every type of device imaginable with the unimaginable right around the corner. Yes, the business of trade shows and exhibitions has altered over the years, but it hasn’t gone away as some suspected. In fact, I would argue it’s more important than ever!

While technology has changed the face of trade shows and exhibitions, the benefits of face-to-face marketing are as true now as in the past, remaining a critical component of the marketing mix. Here are just a few of the benefits of choosing to market through a trade show presence.

Your Buyers. Lots of them. In one place.
Your buyers are attending these conferences to evaluate the marketplace. They are hungry for information and motivated to find solutions. Having all your buyers in one place is a chance to increase visibility among your target. Take the opportunity to get your brand, product or services in front of them.

Lower Cost Per Sale
High concentration of buyers and prospects in one place, high visibility among your target audiences equates to a lower cost of prospect acquisition and a faster sales cycle.

Launching a Product? No Better Way Than at a Trade Show!

People attend these events to see what’s new and different in the industry. A product launch is an exciting way to get people buzzing about you at the conference, which will help you make more connections and opportunities to grow the business.

What’s up with the Jones’s?

That’s right, if you’re there, likely so is your competition. Use this chance to scope out your competitors and more importantly who and what’s up and coming. This is a great time to benchmark, so pull out your ruler and measure yourself against the competition. How can you set yourself apart? What can your brand do that others can’t?

Take a look at some of our previous work with Eastman Chemical, helping them engage their audience through a dynamic trade show presence.

Eastman Chemical: Llumar Trade Show Experience from ITC on Vimeo.

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