Off-the-shelf Assets. Outside-the-box Thinking.

By Angie Bess / 08.14.2018

When it comes to sourcing options for trade show booths and permanent environments, there are some people who hear “modular rental system” and still think “boring average design.”

These people couldn’t be more wrong.

The extremely fluid nature of our modular rental system allows our designers to work wonders, providing unique, imaginative options for our clients. The other half of our success is the collaborative process we use to shape and guide the development of those options. Rather than simply providing a catalog of pre-set designs, we create custom structures that capture the integrity and vision of a brand or product, the result of taking clients on a step-by-step journey.

The process is designed to be fairly sequential and progressive, inviting clients to start with Step 1, and then move on to as many next steps as necessary to meet their needs. However, they can be discussed in any order, according to whatever best fits an individual’s style of collaboration.

STEP 1: Engagement Discussion

This is the foundation of our entire process, informing all other steps. Before any design is initiated, we first sit down with a client to determine their goals. What do they want their trade show booth or permanent environment to accomplish? How will it engage an audience? How will that engagement be measured? These questions may seem obvious, but it’s human nature to want to jump straight to the tangible experience before establishing the objectives that will ensure success.

STEP 2: Rental Customization

Only after a solid strategy is in place does the design process begin. Our Environmental Design Creative Director and Creative Strategy Creative Director work together to create a custom solution, using our wholly-owned modular rental system. 3D virtual modeling is used to provide immersive options before any assembly is initiated, allowing for fast, efficient client collaboration.

STEP 3: Graphics and Messaging

Once the basic structure has been established, additional upgrades complete the experience. Since there are few instances when a blank design could adequately support a brand or product, graphics and messaging are the most essential of these enhancements. If a client has existing assets in the form of text and images, our in-house designers can integrate both into the structure’s design. Or, new custom graphics and messaging can be created by our in-house designers and writers, specifically for the activation.

STEP 4: Audio and Visual

A/V support builds on Steps 2 and 3 to add depth and immersive atmosphere, creating an overall more dramatic brand or product presentation. Including lighting design, directional sound design, and accompaniment from monitors and in-house video production, the complete integration of assets provides an effect much greater than the sum of individual components.

STEP 5: Interactive Engagements and Digital Innovations

A crowning part of any experience is an extra, unexpected discovery. This is the province of the newest of new technology, whether it’s our LED Skins that integrate seamlessly into a structure to display content, or it’s the latest innovations such as AR and VR, we ensure that the hype serves the brand or product, working together with the rest of the design to provide a fuller, more complete experience.

STEP 6: Fabrication and Augmentation

As flexible as our modular rental system is, you still may have a special need that it just can’t meet—like say a life-size model of your mascot. That’s when you have the option to work outside our system and have a custom element designed from scratch, taking advantage of our in-house capabilities that include a full carpentry and paint shop, custom metal design, and molding and casting for fiberglass, EPS or silicone. Once your one-of-a-kind showpiece is complete, we ensure it fits seamlessly into the rest of the modular rental design, the benefit of planning from the start to combine the two distinct systems.

At the end of the day, the essential benefit of our process is the complete, connected and cost-effective nature of every capability. Because every service mentioned exists in-house, in the same building, supported by both technical and creative experts, we can provide maximum control with fewer handoffs, saving clients time, money and the stress of managing multiple points of contact.

To learn more about our modular rental system and the options we can create for trade shows and permanent environments, contact Angie Bess at

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