Closing Out the Summer Olympic Games

By Brendan Corcoran, Brand Manager / 08.26.2016

Three of our event experts watched the Olympics closing ceremonies this past weekend and had some thoughts on the closing of the games in Rio this summer.

Patti Dowd, Executive Producer

The preview of the Tokyo Games in 2020 really stole the show. The Prime Minister’s entrance was whimsical and humorous, which showed a bit of Japan’s personality. I also really enjoyed the Brazilian cultural dances, the lace ladies and clay dolls, where there was an intriguing interplay between projections and live entertainment. Overall the costuming was very colorful and well done. Also, the Olympic Cauldron was exceptionally designed and imaginative.

I will say the individual performances were a little long and lost my attention at times. Also, I would’ve liked to have seen more audience interaction and whole stadium effects.

Dave Boser, VP and Executive Technical Director

I thought Tokyo’s portion of the show was amazing. The coordination between the dancers, the LED set pieces, and video content was spot on and very impressive, given the huge amount of time and effort that had to go into that. Using the LED frames to form the 2020 logo was pretty creative, as well as previews of some pretty cutting-edge sport technology. But I still think my favorite thing overall was the kinetic sculpture behind the Olympic flame. Every time that was in the camera shot I couldn’t help but be a little hypnotized by it!

Sue Herzberg, Senior Producer

The Tokyo Prime Minister Reveal was the most unexpected and fun element of the closing ceremony. However, my favorite part was the celebration of the athletes at the end of the event, dancing as live performers. This really brought closure to the whole experience, because after all, the games are about celebrating and honoring sport and athletes around the world.

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