On the Road with Carl’s Jr.

By Brendan Corcoran, Brand Manager / 10.25.2016

Carl’s Jr. took it back to their roots to celebrate its 75th birthday. With their burgers, iconic vintage vehicles and mobile restaurant, the Carl’s Jr. 75th Anniversary Tour honored the entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to service that made the Carl’s Jr. story an American story.


The ITC road team along with Carl’s Jr. created a true, authentic experience that really brought that sentiment to life over the course of the 23-stop tour. There were a few times our road team had to channel the spirit of Carl Kercher to pull off what was a wild few months on the road!

• On tour, things don’t always go as planned, and when one of the Carl’s Jr. display cases was placed a few hundred feet out of position, Erica, an ITC tour manager, pushed the crate uphill by herself into position. We know Carl Kercher would’ve been proud.

• In the same way Carl’s Jr. burgers are expected to have the same great, satisfying taste every time, the Carl’s 75 experience needed to deliver that same consistency. Despite being on the road for weeks, with little rest, miles away from the next stop, we helped Carl’s Jr. deliver the same, high-energy, personal experience, every time.


Along the way, we brought a few smiles to the West Coast
• 4,465 T-Shirts Handed Out
• 3,700 Hats Distributed
• 20,650 Coupons redeemed

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