Robots are Taking Over…..Events: Artificial Intelligence

By Brendan Corcoran / 11.07.2017

If you’re in the events industry, or paying attention to tech trends you’ve heard of Artificial Intelligence. I’m not talking about events and experiences that now miraculously look like the fantastical Jude Law movie. But we are entering a new world of event technology that will change the face of events, activations and conferences.

First, let’s define what AI technology is. You’ve likely held a conversation with Siri (Apple’s Intelligent Assistant) or Alexa (Amazon’s Robotic Assistant), which means you interacted with AI. “They are computer systems that are able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence.” Thank you Miriam Webster.

While the technology can be frustrating – I’ve gotten into many an argument with Siri over simple misunderstandings or mistyped texts messages – there are AI platforms being deployed right now in the event space that are making planners and brand marketers take notice and take action. Here are a few of the technologies being employed right now:

1. Chatbots/Personalization

– Chatbots are computer programs that can respond to questions and queries attendees have in real-time.

– They’re becoming more personalized and tailored to the experience. Organizers can give bots a personality and name to fully bring it to life.

2. Facial Recognition

– Is Artificial Intelligence used to measure audience engagement and emotions in real-time so you can better understand how your message is performing.

– Helps brands and event marketers better determine ROI of their events more accurately. Companies like Affectiva are doing stuff like this right now!

3. Deep Learning

– Refers to computer systems that can gather data, intuit it and provide reasoned feedback and suggestions in real-time. This works for both attendees and event organizers.

– Can use algorithms to help foresee logistical needs within the venue like crowd control, footfall/flow and even food replenishing.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg… AI will continue to improve and become more prevalent at trade shows, conferences and special events. It’s an exciting trend, one that will change the event and experiential industry…again.

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