Snapchat Did What!?!

By Brendan Corcoran, Brand Manager / 10.17.2017

So, Spectacles hasn’t yet hit widespread adoption. Not a dud, but yes, Snapchat took a swing and narrowly missed. They still have a few more strikes to give though and have proven that they can swing for the fences. In fact, they are leaders in the space where other social networks have clearly tried to mimic the platforms function to some success. Make no mistake, Snapchat is pushing the envelope and leading the race.

The tech startup that just went public in March, this week released a collaborative project with artist Jeff Koons to create an art exhibit in augmented reality. Users can now find his sculptures in real-world contexts viewed through your phone…or Spectacles. It’s not the first time Snapchat has done something incredible with AR, in fact it’s pretty well built in to the platform, but this development is kind of a big deal on a number of fronts.

The opportunities for events are endless now that AR is becoming fully integrated with the social platform, a network that’s already heavily adopted in the event and experiences space. The plausibility of Snapchat AR becoming more engrained in event strategies and programming is already starting to look like more of a reality, and that’s not just me having fun with puns.

Here’s where Spectacles can now play an integral role and succeed where Google Glass didn’t. Snapchat is the preferred social network for young people, who generally love to capture their experiences live and share with friends on the platform. With a wearable technology like Spectacles and the integration of advanced AR, it’s likely Snapchat could lead the way in wearables for AR technology. Not bad for a social network that came into the game 5 years late and competing with tech juggernauts like Google, Apple and Facebook, who seem to be watching and taking diligent notes.

And you don’t need Spectacles to see into the future. The applications for this technology during events are endless. Brands and event marketers looking to lead the way in experiential should look no further.

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