Thinking Outside the Modular Box

By Brendan Corcoran, Account Executive / 07.29.2016

Modular design is usually the standard for trade show spaces, allowing for maximum utility and versatility. Working within this rigid system takes creativity, something we put into practice for Instructure’s Canvas booth, delivering a custom experience that fit the brand’s unique personality while still staying within guidelines.

Spatial Design
We created three open consumer areas and one storage area within a 20 x 30 space. The three spaces were designed to accommodate a natural traffic flow, while keeping them distinctly separate, fun and focused.

Engagement Design
Canvas was “built on openness”, so we wanted attendees to drive the experience. We built enhancements that would support an inviting, attendee-driven experience like custom demo kiosks for attendees to take a deeper dive with Canvas products.

Accent Design
And finally, to really bring the brand to life and further reflect Canvas’s personality, we added custom finishes like wood trim and colorful furniture pieces. These little details made Canvas’ unique personality stand out on the trade show floor.

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