Tips for Picking and Prepping Your Brand Ambassadors

By Angie Bess / 01.30.2017

Brand ambassadors can be an integral part of your trade show strategy and presence. They are often the face of the brand on show floor, and you always want to put your best foot forward. Beyond having a beautiful, engaging and high tech footprint, the human element of your product or service can never be over looked in your marketing and trade show strategy.

Here are few considerations for selecting the right brand ambassadors for your brand’s trade show presence:

1. Friendly is good, friendly and assertive is better
Trade show floors are cluttered, noisy environments. You want a BA that will be a friendly face for attendees but also not afraid to put themselves out there to get people’s attention and into your booth.

2. Maintain flexibility
Events and experiences can have strict schedules, but things always come up last minute, you want a BA who can roll with the punches and think on their feet. Make sure your BA selection is ready for anything!

3. Brand ambassadors are reflections of your brand
For branding, aesthetics mean a lot. You want to be sure that your brand ambassador is a reflection of your brand; male or female, young and energetic or buttoned up and more traditional. Style choices play a large role in the perception of your brand and must be considered during the selection process.

Now that you’ve vetted good candidates, you’ll need to prepare them so they can be great ambassadors for your brand. While the level of involvement and knowledge required for ambassadors differ by brand, here are a few best practices to consider for prepping your BAs:

1. Give them necessary information
Your BAs are only as good as the information you give them, and they will need to get the conversation started. Make sure they have solid knowledge about your brand and service. They don’t need to know everything, but enough to pique interest and smoothly transition the prospect to a sales rep.

2. Cue cards are cool, believe me
At the very least, provide your BAs with a little cheat sheet of key talking points and product information. This will help your on-site personnel stay focused in their conversations. Even providing canned responses for FAQs will help your BAs to be agile when fielding questions from attendees.

3. Prepping your people
Meet with your BAs at least once before the show and at least an hour before the floor opens to make sure they are comfortable with the information and are ready for their moment when the bright lights turn on.

We all know that having a highly attractive and engaging trade show presence is critical, but let’s not overlook the power human touch can have on sales and marketing initiatives.

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