Transforming Events into Content

By Brendan Corcoran, Brand Manager / 01.17.2017

Every year, brands are investing more marketing dollars into the travel and event industry. Live events are expensive, but we know when done well, engagement is highest when brands are experienced. For companies trying to build a more loyal consumer base, or even trying to win over new customers, an event is a really smart (and brave) strategy.

For those in attendance at your live event, the experience is (hopefully) great. But what about your brand fans that couldn’t attend, would they benefit from being at least exposed to the experience? Would you want to have a larger, remote audience engaging with your brand? There are ways to expand the reach of your live event beyond the ballroom or red carpet, before, during and after. Transform your event into content.

It takes an investment to plan for this type of content strategy, but here are a few ideas that let your live experience live beyond the event itself:

Go Live
o Not all your brand fans are able to make the trip to your live experience, so help them feel a part of it by going live on social media or using traditional media. You may consider how new technologies like Facebook Live can help reach a larger audience while still maintaining the live component.

Capture the Event
o Whether it’s extensive still photography or video highlights, make sure you are documenting the experience. Once you’ve done this, blog about it, tweet about it, Facebook about it. You can use your live event to further your brand’s social media presence and help brand fans who couldn’t attend to engage with you.

Make an Ad
o If your event incorporates a consumer brand strategy consider repackaging your event capture into an advertisement or PR push and help your audience relive it.

Write About It
o For everyone who didn’t get to be there (and for those that did), write about the experience and all the fun you had on your blog or craft a press release for your media partners to run a story about your event. Use your event capture to tell a more visual and compelling story.

The event and experience industry is getting larger, with more and more brands hedging bets on the experience economy. We help our clients think of more ways to make efficient use of their marketing dollars with impactful, long-view strategies. Just because the event has ended, doesn’t mean the experience is over.

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