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Monsanto Farm Progress

Growing Relationships...and Crops

How Monsanto used a balance of live and digital experiences to drive deeper engagement at Farm Progress.

Every year, over 300,000 farmers and ag businesses travel to the 300-acre site, Farm Progress, the largest outdoor Agricultural Expo in the world. For the second straight year, Monsanto has turned to ITC to produce their 5 brand experiences, totaling 74,720 sq. ft. of exhibit space.

We helped Monsanto deliver intimate experiences by employing a combination of live and digital touchpoints. As attendees moved through each tent, they would receive an opportunity to watch and observe product demos on monitors and kiosks, or have more of an immersive experience using VR headsets that dropped attendees in a virtual farm plot. High-tech touchpoints were balanced with live crops and product sampling for attendees to touch, feel and taste. Opportunities to speak with brand reps in comfortable, natural settings for deeper engagement were also designed into the traffic flow of exhibits.

For a company as large and advanced as Monsanto, our mission was to create a relatable experience for farmers and businesses. By providing a mix of live and digital interactives throughout their five brand footprints, Monsanto was able to create a rounded experience, supporting real, human connections.

Key Stats

• 5 Brand Experiences
• 74,720 sq. ft. total brand footprint
• 260,000 attendance
• 5,376 ears of corn and 360 watermelons consumed

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