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Monsanto: FF Building Dedication

Monsanto: FF Building Dedication

The Challenge

Monsanto, a multinational, agricultural and biotechnology company, opened their new FF building in November 2017, inviting executives, members of the press and esteemed guests to a special building dedication ceremony. They approached ITC to produce the meeting with an emphasis on contemporary scenic that highlights Monsanto’s commitment to innovation and cutting-edge technology.

The Solution

We imagined a scenic design that evoked both qualities of technology and industry, something that blended the personality and mission of Monsanto. We used fresh media technology with the latest BeMatrix LED Skin tiles to create three custom, 13 ft. tall video towers for scenic and presentation support. The video towers were rooted in flower beds to strike a visual balance between tech and tillage while rotating dramatic and supporting imagery across the LED surfaces. The towers, combined with the modern architecture and design of the hall provided a brilliant, vibrant backdrop for the event.

The Results

The LED Skin towers enabled Monsanto to have striking visual scenic as well as dynamic surfaces to display speaker support content. Attendees were engaged throughout the event and significant local press coverage was generated from the dedication ceremony.

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